-About Nate-

My name is Nate. I am a junior at Rockport High School. I am Noah's little brother and i feel a calling just as strong as his to help people in need. 

This year as Noah moves to greater things in his life, I will be running Rock Those Socks. I am excited to work hard to raise socks for the homeless population of the greater Boston area. 

Some more information about me

I play three sports through every season, fall is soccer, winter is basketball, and spring is ultimate Frisbee.

I work with another non-profit, Turn The Tide. Turn The Tide works to clean beaches in Massachusetts.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.


-About Our Founder-

My name is Noah. I am an eighteen year old Senior at Rockport High School. I have lived on Cape Ann my whole life and I plan to study Criminal Justice in college after high school.

It was a morning just like any other. I was riding to school with the radio on. The host read a story about a young girl who raised shoes for those in need. I realized that I wanted to give back, but I wasn't sure how. I quickly began thinking of ways to help, and I saw that one of the most highly requested items by the homeless are socks. I decided I wanted to collect donations of new socks because they were needed and most high school students could afford to donate a pair.

I reached out to Boston Rescue Mission, and they said they would happily distribute whatever I collected. The year we began collecting socks it was simply me and my friends sitting in our high school lobby with a cardboard box. Today I am pleased to say that the Rock Those Socks team now consists of students from different high schools across the North Shore of Boston, we have many collection boxes spanning across four towns, and we are working with multiple homeless shelters to provide socks to those in need.